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A description of web page hosting

As its name suggests, web hosting is a solution, which entails hosting online content. There are various varieties and kinds of hosting, based on the goals and on the functions. Nonetheless, they all pertain to hosting files, which, once hosted, are made available through the World Wide Web. A host is in fact a web hosting service that is linked to the Internet and has its own IP address, which permits users to have access to it through the World Wide Web. The server's architecture and its limitations are dependent on the form of hosting solution it will be utilized for.

What are the various forms of hosting?

Depending on the purpose, the hosting solution may be:

File Storage Hosting - this type of web hosting allows the clients to keep their files on a particular hosting server. With the average file web hosting solution, the files that are deposited may only be accessed by the client that's availing of the service. This hosting service generally refers to backups of personal computers , docs, private files and even other web hosting servers. This solution may also include certain limits in relation to the server storage space and the root-level access. There may also be web traffic quota limitations, but that is dependent on the given host.

Warez Hosting - the so-called warez web hosting solution is comparable with the previous web hosting service form. Nevertheless, in contrast with the file storage web hosting solution, the warez hosting solution is used for circulating copyrighted materials without the permission of the copyright keeper. In short - it pertains to the prohibited distribution of files and documents. There are lots of methods for this to be fulfilled, but the two chief ways are - through simple HTTP downloading and through peer-to-peer connections. The first approach entails either some web portal, or, most commonly, simply a directory on a web hosting server that's been made available for everybody to access it and thereby download patented content free of charge. The second way entails a P2P connection, availing of the so-called Torrent servers, through which people swap files between each other. There are not many webspace hosting distributors that permit such form of hosting on their servers, chiefly owing to all the judicial entanglements that it presupposes. Usually such web portals are hosted on personal dedicated web servers that are registered by 3rd party companies either in the Middle East or in Asia.

Mail Web Hosting - this solution is applicable with both shared web space hosting and dedicated web hosting servers, depending on the user's desire. If you would like to build your own personal SMTP email server, then you will require either a VPS server or a dedicated web server that provides the access level needed to perform such an assignment. For traditional e-mail web hosting ends, though, you can set up a standard shared web page hosting account, to which you can point the mail exchanger records of your domain. This is not a service that's very famous, because the web page hosting and the mail hosting services are being served by 2 separate web servers, often belonging to separate web hosting providers.

Website Hosting - the most famous and immensely utilized hosting service at the moment. It's utilized for hosting site files, whose type is determined by the OS the hosting server is using - Linux or Windows. Different types of files need different hosting server Operating Systems, or else they won't be exhibited properly on the Web. This form of hosting may include web storage space and traffic limits, root access and central processing unit usage limitations.

Based on the goals and on the usage, the user should pick the kind of web hosting server that he needs for his project, and, of course, the web hosting supplier that's going to provide it. There are different sorts of web hosting servers, based on the specs and the web space hosting solutions that they offer. These are:

Shared Web Hosting Server - a shared web hosting server offers a smaller quantit